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We have been able to form 200 organic groups of 20 farmers each in Latur Distri
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From the Presidential Desk :
My hearty compliments to all the MOFF family members, friends & to well wishers! What an irony of fate we are experiencing that barely after 60 years of Mahatma’s assassination by a fanatic; the resource poor Indian farmer has become the most neglected man in this ‘agrarian country’. My heart bleeds at the thought of farmer’s miseries & those nationwide 1, 66,394 suicides by the farmers. It is a shame on all of us. But, feeling bad, will not serve any purpose. Something needs to be done. So we have decided to carry our share towards the most basic fact - education & awareness. ‘Shashwat’, a bimonthly news letter of MOFF will update farmers on information about organic or sustainable agriculture & will also review the progress of MOFF. MOFF is the movement of the farmers, started by the farmers, & for the farmers’ to bequeath momentum for promoting sustainable agriculture. It has been formed after studying the helplessness & indebtness of the farmers. We may recall that good progress in agriculture was seen from the formation of Maharashtra state since 1960; which was on the upward motion till 1977. There were problems & challenges during those days too; however, the leadership never lost the focus on agriculture. This was an excellent example of agriculture progress through strong political will. It seems that the political will & mind set of the politicians is totally changed after 1977. The common man is never considered as the centre of development. The political took a different turn where majority politicians feathered their own nests by completely ignoring moral & ethical values which led to self centered, unstable political scenario. It is an open secret that sanctions or developments of public oriented projects & schemes are opportunities of siphoning good amount of money for personal benefits,. Everyone from top to bottom of administration is involved in this game in one way or the other. It is a subject of research that how much of the benefit share declared by the Government, with much publicity, actually reaches to the needy or the last person. I feel that this is completely paradoxical to the vision of the first leader of this State ‘Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’. One can not change the world around him just by shouting or being aggressive! At the same time it is difficult to swim against the current. One has to cope up with changing times to be in the flow. What is required is steady & concrete work continuously following a thought line even in difficult times. This is what Bhagwan Buddha & Mahatma Gandhi tried to imbibe in the minds of people through their behavior & not by talks. In the awe of accepting new things we have overlooked our tradition of prosperous agricultural practices & fell prey to the enticing higher production; which in turn is making us pay heavy price. Maximum number of suicides were recorded from Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra State , is the serious example of the same. To avoid further incidences of this type, farmers must make themselves independent of the system of develop a new farmer friendly system suitable to small units. It has to be the way of organic farming where agriculture & scientific development go hand in hand to rip best result without harm. Let me assure you that MOFF is committed to this noble cause !.
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