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We have been able to form 200 organic groups of 20 farmers each in Latur Distri
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MOFF activities have main focus on following topics:
1. Good quality seed selection & treatment
2. Mixed cropping for early income, more yield & less pest attack
3. Soil & water conservation by trenches, bunds, farm ponds etc
4. Bio-fertilizer, using green manure, cow-dung slurry & microbes cultures
5. Bio-control of pests & diseases, with cow-urine, plants, microbes
    or insects
6. Post-harvest processing & marketing for higher unit price
7. Ancillary IGP (livestock etc) with local breed of cow, goat or hen
8. Farmers’ counseling on farm management as above or other
    family worries etc.
9. Collective dialogue or lobbying to benefit from the Government schemes etc.
10. Establishment of International Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IISA), at Pune (Maharashtra)
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